EVSE Smart Charging Solutions

Smart EV Charging Solutions for the Workplace, Fleets, Car Dealer Service Bays & More

EVSE LLC, a division of Control Module Inc., designs and manufactures smart Level 1 and Level 2 electric car charging stations for the workplace, parking facilities, public locations, fleets, and multi-dwelling units. Our charging stations for cars are available in single- and dual-pole or wall-mounted versions, and patented ceiling-mounted models. These intelligent EV charging stations are compliant with ADA and OSHA regulations, and our flexible charger platform offers revenue collection, credit card billing, use of pre-paid monthly cards, and secure access via RFID cards, key fobs and wireless remote. Designed to adapt to your operations, our car charging products provide flexible and secure networking.

EVSE LLC offers a complete line of smart EV charging solutions and support products.

With the addition of our patent-pending cable management feature, EVSE LLC’s chargers offer the following benefits:

Cable Retraction

Industry-leading cable retraction protects EV drivers and pedestrians from hazards and equipment from damage.

Adjustable Power Levels

One charger is capable of Level 1 or Level 2 – wire once and adjust power as you require. Ideal for workplace or home charging.

Data Analytics

Stand-alone or fully networked to capture usage data and remotely monitor and control your equipment.

Included Options

Charger activation options include On-Button, RFID, Proximity, Mobile Phone Apps, and Live Operator.

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